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25 Health and Fitness Tips That Health Professionals Wish We All Knew

If someone asked you what the most important thing in your life is, what would you say? Some people say it’s their health but their actions prove otherwise – often due to misinformation or simple lack of knowledge. Here are some health and fitness tips that should be common knowledge but aren’t.

(Please note that while various health resources and professionals were consulted, this article should not be construed as medical/ health advice.)

beer mug1. Alcohol is not a food group.
The way so many people consume potent potables, you’d think it was the secret elixir of life. When you drink excessively you eat less because the caloric intake of alcohol keeps hunger at bay. This of course means that outwardly you may stay relatively trim, but inwardly you’re starving your body of appropriate nutrients. Not to mention, you’re damaging brain cells and shrinking your brain, creating water and electrolyte losses, and doing a variety of other damaging things. There is a very good reason why studies in the U.S., Canada, Britain, etc. have listed alcohol as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

2. You deserve a break right now.
Taking a break from work once in a while does not put you behind, despite popular opinion. It helps by letting your mind and body rest, thus preserving your health and sanity. The alternative is to keep working and burn out, which weakens your immune system and eventually sets your work back.

3. Stress will kill you.
Actually, it’s not so much the stress that will kill you, but your reaction to it and your way of dealing with it. It’s been estimated that somewhere between 75 and 90 per cent of all visits to health care providers are for stress-related ailments. Life is full of stress. There is no getting around it, but there are ways of dealing with it and finding outlets for it. Everyone is different in this respect. Some people need to find ways to let it out, others channel stress into activities, and still others need techniques that lessen it. Regardless of what works for you, the most important thing you can do is to not ignore stress and think you can’t do anything about it. Find time to deal with it; find a starting point.

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Tips for Handling Stress as a Health Care Worker

When the residents of Seattle Grace need to reduce their stress, they’re often found with their coworkers at Joe’s Bar pouring down a few pints and a couple tequila shots to boot. While the method of stress reduction used by Grey’s Anatomy’s finest is questionable, the need to keep the life and death, hope and loss, work of a hospital at bay is real. One-fourth to one-third of U.S. workers report high levels of stress at work. Work related stress can negatively affect the lives and health and safety of workers. Follow these tips toward helping you handle work related stress. [Read more →]

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Proposed Mississipi Bill to Refuse Service to Obese Patrons

Mississippi House Representative W.T. Mayhall, Jr. introduced a bill during the legislative session on Friday that would ban restaurants from serving obese people in the state of Mississippi. The proposal, Bill 282, would require scales to be placed outside of restaurants and people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30 would be refused service. Records of customers BMI’s would be kept on file and the restaurants would be tasked with enforcing and complying with the bill or risk loss of their license from the State Department of Health.

While Mr. Mayhall is certain the bill will not pass into law, he along with the bill’s co-writers, Bobby Shows, a businessman and John Read, a pharmacist, believe the situation concerning obesity in Mississippi to be dire. Their intention is to call attention to the increasing epidemic of obesity and the cost to the Medicare system.

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10 Tips to Never Get A Cold or Flu Again

All right, maybe the title was a bit over board. After all we are humans, and as such we are susceptible to getting sick once in a while.

woman with cold

That being said, there are many tips and measures that you can use to improve your immune system and reduce the chances of getting that common yet annoying cold. Some people can go for years in a row without getting this seasonal illness.

If you are used to getting at least a couple of colds or flus throughout the year, I am sure that the tips below will help you, check it out!

1. Hygiene is paramount. Viruses and bacteria usually spread through human contact, so make sure to wash your hands frequently. It is also a good idea to not share drinking glasses, towels, soap and so on.

2. Proper nutrition. You should be eating healthy not only to avoid colds and flus, but if they can act as motivators, so be it. A varied and balanced diet with large quantities of fruit and vegetables can do wonders for your immune system. Remember to drink a lot of water as well.

3. Exercise regularly. The same message applies here. You should already be exercising regularly to improve your overall health condition. If you are not, get started. Swim, ride a bike, walk. Any form of aerobic exercise, if done on a regular basis, will greatly improve your immune system.

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