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10 Tips to Never Get A Cold or Flu Again

All right, maybe the title was a bit over board. After all we are humans, and as such we are susceptible to getting sick once in a while.

woman with cold

That being said, there are many tips and measures that you can use to improve your immune system and reduce the chances of getting that common yet annoying cold. Some people can go for years in a row without getting this seasonal illness.

If you are used to getting at least a couple of colds or flus throughout the year, I am sure that the tips below will help you, check it out!

1. Hygiene is paramount. Viruses and bacteria usually spread through human contact, so make sure to wash your hands frequently. It is also a good idea to not share drinking glasses, towels, soap and so on.

2. Proper nutrition. You should be eating healthy not only to avoid colds and flus, but if they can act as motivators, so be it. A varied and balanced diet with large quantities of fruit and vegetables can do wonders for your immune system. Remember to drink a lot of water as well.

3. Exercise regularly. The same message applies here. You should already be exercising regularly to improve your overall health condition. If you are not, get started. Swim, ride a bike, walk. Any form of aerobic exercise, if done on a regular basis, will greatly improve your immune system.

4. Sanitize shared items. Whether in the office, at home or in a bar, be careful with surfaces and shared items such as telephones and pens. Viruses are getting stronger every day, and some of them can survive up to 20 hours on hard surfaces.

5. Wear adequate clothes. I know you are a tough man, but if is cold outside you need to wear some warm clothes. Usually it is a good idea to wear several layers of lighter clothing, so that you can adjust it to different places and temperatures though out the day. Remember to keep yourself dry as well.

6. Humidify your room. If your region gets very low humidity levels during the winter, you should humidify your bedroom during the night and possibly other rooms where you spend time during the day. The first level of defense in your body is found on the nose and throat mucus. If the mucus dries up, germs and viruses will find their way through more easily.

7. Get enough rest. Getting sound sleep and rest is essential to keep the viruses away. There are many studies and research confirming that a couple of nights of poor sleep can already reduce your immune system capabilities by 50%!

8. Take a multi-vitamin. There are several nutritional supplements that you could take to improve your immune system, but a multivitamin is perhaps the most effective one. It will ensure that your body has all the minerals and vitamins it needs to perform its daily activities.

9. Eat special food. There are many food, herbs and spices that you eat to protect yourself from bacteria and improve your immune system. Among them you have yogurt, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, oregano and green tea.

10. Relax. Stress can play an important role in undermining your immune system, so try to keep it a tolerable levels. Secondly, do not becoming paranoid about not getting a cold or flu. As stated in the introduction, we are all humans, and as such susceptible to getting sick once in a while. Apply the tips we covered, but do not get obsessed with them, your body is stronger than what you think.

Bonus Tip:    Drink plenty of water!


1 Joseph Hirsch { 01.29.08 at 9:46 pm }

very informative, thanks, maybe i wont get 6 colds a year anymore.

2 Vijay { 01.30.08 at 9:58 am }

Cold was a big problem for me a year ago.. Thank god it vanished without any major activity out there..
But above tips will definitely help not to get it again ;-)

3 Yasser { 01.30.08 at 2:38 pm }

Humid rooms kill me, it is my worse enemy. Drinking a lot of liquid (juices) is one of the best remedy if you get a cold.

4 JB { 01.30.08 at 4:12 pm }

The best action is to have a strong immune system. Refrain from consuming sugar, being stressed. Consciously share love and care. receive the love and care of others. There are so many germs and bacteria around, it is ridiculous to try to “avoid’ them all – and worrying about touching “dirty” shopping cart handles will only stress you out more. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (fresh and in season), get adequate rest, be surrounded with love and care – and laugh regularly. Most of the rest is bull.

5 Sherri { 01.30.08 at 7:27 pm }

I suggest getting an annual flu shot to prevent the flu. Some people don’t get it very often, but if you find yourself getting influenza each year, you need a shot. Flu complications will kill about 36,000 people this winter. If you’re susceptible to the flu, you might want to talk to your doctor about the Pneumovax vaccination. Flu is a viral lung infection and weak lungs can leave you open to pneumonia.

I’ve also noticed we tend to go through periods where we don’t get sick for a long time and then get sick a lot. I personally believe (I have no scientific evidence) that we build up immunity to what’s around us on a regular basis, and then we get sick when something new shows up. When you have kids, they bring a lot home from daycare, school and their friends so parents tend to catch stuff.

Stress is also a nasty problem with your immune system. I was sick a lot when I worked in my corporate job, but since I’ve been laid off 4 years and have my own businesses and a part-time job, I have been significantly healthier. I’ve had only two colds and one mild case of flu (even with the shot) since. In the same period working in the corporate world I would have been sick at least 20 times. Don’t discount what stress is doing to your body and especially your immune system.

Eat right, exercise, wash your hands, but deal with the stressful issues in your life. That will make you healthier than just about anything else you can do.

6 Colby { 01.30.08 at 10:04 pm }

Nice list. My main weakness is what I eat. I do notice though that I usually get sick every other year. I’m not sure why. We have several people in our office who are constantly sick (I think they get it from their young kids).

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