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The Top Paying Non-Doctor Health Care Jobs

Many people want to go into health care but do not want to be a doctor. While the highest paying jobs in health care typically are doctor related careers, you can still get a high paying job in health care without becoming a doctor.

Below is a list of the top 10 paying non-doctor health care jobs according to the site SuperScholar:

1. Pharmacists – Salary: $106,630
2. Physician Assistants – Salary: $84,830
3. Radiation Therapists – Salary: $77,340
4. Physical Therapists – Salary: $76,220
5. Occupational Therapists – Salary: $70,680
6. Nuclear Medicine Technologists – Salary: $68,450
7. Speech-Language Pathologists – Salary: $68,350
8. Dental Hygienists – Salary: $67,860
9. Audiologists – Salary: $66,850
10. Orthotists and Prosthetists – Salary: $66,600

For more details and a description of each of these careers along with a longer list (they include 20) please visit the source article: 20 Best Paying Health-Care Careers Where You Don’t Need to Be a Doctor. In addition to salaries and career descriptions, the original article also includes educational requirements for each job.

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The Best Online Nursing Degree Programs

According to a survey done in 2006, registered nurses with a BSN earned $4,200 more each year than registered nurses without the degree. If you multiply that by 25 years, you’re looking at $105,000 more over the course of a career.

Getting your RN to BSN degree has never been easier thanks to the large number of online programs that are available. Online nursing degree programs are flexible and allow you to earn your degree while working full time.

However, when going the online route, you need to make sure to select high quality RN to BSN program. Below are the 7 best online nursing degree programs according to The Best Degrees.

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The 10 Best Nursing Schools According To ZCL

Many people want to go to the best school that they can get accepted into. If that sounds like you, then you’re no doubt a huge fan of college rankings. Choosing the best program can often lead to an easier time getting a job after your education (although as we all know, when it comes to nursing, the demand is so high that it’s hard NOT to get a job!)

Today Zen College Life made us aware of their 2010 rankings of the 10 best nursing schools. If you are thinking about attending nursing school and want to go to the best school possible, consider applying to several off this list.

Overall, we like the rankings that Zen College Life put together and congratulate them on having built a solid resource for prospective nursing students. Let us know your thoughts. It’s hard NOT to leave a good school out when you are only listing ten.

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Health care salaries make up 8 of the top 10 best paying jobs

Coming as no surprise to us at Health Careers Journal, it pays very well to work in the health industry. According to the US Department of Labor, in 2008, seven of the top 10 best paying jobs were in the health care industry.

1. Surgeon* – $181,850 salary per year

2. Anesthesiologist* – $174,610 salary per year

3. Obstetrician/Gynocologist* – $174,600 salary per year

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon* – $169,600 salary per year

5. Internist* $156,790 salary per year

6. Prosthodontist* – $153,710 salary per year

7. Orthodontist* – $153,240 salary per year

8. Psychiatrist* – $151,380 salary per year

9. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – $140,880 salary per year

10. Engineering Manager – $140,210 salary per year

*Indicates a health career or job

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Encouraging High School Students To Explore Health Careers

Even in our slowing economy, the greatest demand for jobs is found in the health care industry.   Health careers are readily available to those who put the time in to get a proper education.  Unfortunately, the supply of health professionals has not bee enough to keep up with demand.  So nurses and other health professionals tend get stretched to their full capacity.

The good news is that all over the country there are programs in place to encourage high school students to consider a career in health.   Once such program to encourage students is at the North Louisiana Area Health Education Center where students are able to get hands on experience with a health occupation in exchange for high school credit.

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