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Healthcare Insurance Extension for Young People?

As part of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s healthcare platform, young people up to age 25 could continue to get healthcare coverage on their parent’s health insurance plan. The Associated Press reports that while 17 states have upped the age of availability for insurance, in some cases to 29 and 30 years of age, other states have yet to do so; now, most states provide stipulations for young people up to age 19 for non-students and 23 for non-students. Estimates made by The Commonwealth Fund, a private organization tasked with promoting quality, access and efficiency of health care in the United States, predict 1.4 million people would gain health insurance if companies were mandated to provide coverage to young people thru their parent’s policies up to age 23.

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9 Examples Of How Health Care In America Can Be Improved

1. Carol Ann Reyes Dumped From Hospital Into Skid Row


A homeless woman named Carol Ann Reyes was admitted to Kaiser Permanente Bellflower hospital because of a nasty fall she took. She stayed for three days, at which point Kaiser called her a cab, and instructed the cab driver to dump her in the Los Angeles area known as Skid Row. Reyes was wearing only a thin hospital gown, because, as the hospital later admitted, her clothing had been lost. Carol was confused and suffering from dementia, but Kaiser put her on the streety anyway, and was only caught because of a videocamera running outside of a homeless shelter.


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