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Is a Health Career Right for You?

Considering a career in health? Browse your options

Guest article by Mary Stasiewicz

The health industry is a wide ranging industry with a number of different options for those who are interested in pursuing a health related career. Just selecting a career in this industry can be overwhelming. Besides a number of different types of doctors, other careers in the health industry include nurses, technicians, laboratory employees, dietitians, nutritionists and even personal trainers. This is just a short list of the types of careers available in the health industry. However, before you even begin to narrow down your research to the type of career you wish to pursue and the educational process involved in embarking on this type of career, it is important to determine whether or not you are well suited for a career in the health industry. This article will discuss some of the important considerations you should think about before pursing a health career.

Your motivation for pursing a career in the health industry should be carefully examined. Wanting to help others is certainly a noble cause and a great reason for pursing this type of career but it is not the only worthwhile reason for pursing a career in this industry. If you are motivated by a love of math and science or even if you are drawn to the financial appeal of some careers in the health industry these can also be excellent reasons to investigate these careers. Basically, as long as you have the skills to excel in the career you choose and a dedication to succeed, any logical motivation is acceptable.

Next it is very important to consider the aspect of the health industry in which you would most like to work. This is important because there are a wide number of options available. Consider factors such as whether you want to work with children or adults, whether you want to work in emergency situations, whether you want to work in a preventative capacity, whether you want to assist people in making health related decisions or whether you want to work in a hospital setting. Considering all of these factors may help you to greatly narrow down your options. You may even want to consult with a professional who can help you to determine which careers are best for you based on your preferences and your aptitude.

Once you narrow down your options for careers in the health industry, you should investigate the educational process involved in starting a career in this capacity. During this research process you will learn how long it takes to prepare yourself for this career, the cost of obtaining any necessary degrees or certificates, when and where you can take classes and any pre-requisites for taking the necessary classes. Realistically evaluating whether or not you have the skills, time and money available to complete the education process will help you determine if this career is right for you.

Finally, it is important to also consider how a health career will impact your family and personal life. Many careers in the health care industry, especially those based in a hospital setting, require working odd hours for extended periods of time. This can be disruptive to your family life. Understanding the types of hours involved in the health career of your choice and considering how these hours will impact you and your family will help to prevent your career from negatively impacting you and your family.


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